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Case Study:
Harmony Projects


Harmony Projects is a boutique hotel group with three properties in Nosara, Costa Rica, one of the best (and well-hidden) surf breaks in the world. Their hotels attract in-the-know surfers, yogis, and creative professionals who come to the area for rest, relaxation, and fun in the jungle. Bespoke Sound has curated music for all of the group’s properties for the last seven years. Listen to some tunes as you read here.

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“The music Bespoke Sound designed for us is a big part of our guest experience and a pillar of the brand.”

Andres Fernandez, Managing Director, Harmony Projects


The Harmony vibe.

Harmony Projects’ properties stand out as much for what they don’t do as to what they do, focusing on thoughtful service for their guests, community, and the environment.

From their sustainably crafted soaps to their food garden and community engagement initiatives, it’s the thought behind everything they do that make a stay at the Harmony Hotel so special.

A fundamental part of the guest experience for all properties is the music programming– a reflection of the spaces’ design and cultural vibrancy, custom-curated for a unique experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

A match made in surfer heaven.

The owners brought on Bespoke Sound for help with their music programming in 2011. It was a pet project for the owner, a self-confessed music nerd who just couldn’t find the time to maintain it all, so it was crucial the music be handled with care. Since then, Bespoke Sound has had the pleasure of working with Harmony Projects on three properties.

The music has been very well received by our guests during their stay, contributing to exceptional reviews.
— Matthew Morris, Communications Manager, Harmony Projects

Working in concert with Harmony.

Built around a detailed discussion about the brand, the guests, and goals, and further informed by a site visit, research, and proposal, Bespoke Sound got to work.


The brief was to create a sophisticated, timeless, yet casual beachside vibe. As Brian Wilson as it is Bossa Nova, as Talkie Walkie as it is Trojan Records. Cosmopolitan, a bit funky, and always inspired by local culture. The music should make a creative director from New York or LA feel comfortable among their tribe and at home in this jungle beachside paradise. Get a feel for it below.


During the curation process, we collected inputs from other DJs and tastemakers from Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, Cumbia and Reggae crate diggers, and the Harmony staff themselves.

Contemporary underground and heritage Latin American music was woven throughout the playlists to create an undeniable feeling of location and exploration. With Costa Rica halfway between Mexico in the north and Argentina in the south, it acts as the perfect collection point for some of the most exciting and timeless music from the region.

The music was then considered for over 10 different criteria, including genre, era, origin, key, cultural context, lyrics, and more. It’s then sorted based on location, time of day, and vibe. Each playlist is entirely unique to their business, acting as a custom tailored soundtrack to the guests’ experience at their hotels.

Clay and his team exceeded what we hoped to achieve with the music in our hotels. We couldn’t be more pleased.
— Andres Fernandez, Managing Director, Harmony Projects

Designing a one-of-a-kind guest experience.


A true labor of love, the music for The Harmony Hotel’s restaurant, lobby, and juice bar is custom-designed to perfectly match the setting and energy. Each song selected for time of day, day of week, location, and mood, that results in over 80 hours of music and 1,500 songs.

While the Harmony lobby and restaurant have a sophisticated, romantic vibe (think Bossa Nova, 70s Latin Funk, golden era Reggae), The Juice Bar has a more jungle café feel, with a younger, upbeat set of music (underground Latin electronica, bedroom pop, global R&B).

The final touches.

Finally, feedback was collected, edits were made, and the music was installed for easy playback by staff, with regular updates so guests (and staff) always feel like the music is fresh, relevant, and inspiring.

Today, Bespoke Sound is proud to help Harmony Projects enrich their guest experience with music. Contact us to see how we can enrich your guest experience.

The playlist.

The Harmony Hotel's Juice Bar is set amidst an idyllic jungle garden, and a popular meeting point for a post-surf papaya smoothie. The music in this space nods to their guests’ cosmopolitan local cafés back home but with a decidedly tropical twist. Listen to a sampler below. 🌴

We’re always thrilled by the thought and style put into our playlists.
— Matthew Morris, Communications Manager, Harmony Projects

harmony hotel

The Harmony Hotel

Situated on a pristine surf break in the sleepy town of Playa Guiones, far from the nearest paved road, The Harmony Hotel is the perfect place to get in tune with your natural rhythm.

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