Bespoke Sound

Your guest experience is unique.
Your music should be too.

We help hospitality businesses express themselves with unique music experiences custom-designed by world-class DJs, musicians, and artists. Click below to find out what we can do for you and your business.


Clients say:

“The music Bespoke Sound designed for us is a big part of our guest experience and a pillar of the brand. It’s a real differentiator in our market.”

Andres Fernandez | Managing Director, Harmony Projects, Costa Rica


Our Jam

Bespoke Sound offers hotels, restaurants, shops, coworking spaces and other hospitality businesses a new level of tailored audio solutions. Our services include custom music curation, composition, supervision, design, and strategy.



Custom-curated dynamic playlists for your common spaces, designed by a world-class artist, DJ, or tastemaker.

Brand Playlists

Public brand playlists designed to engage your fans before, during, and after their visit.

Audio Strategy

Integrate audio as a dynamic part of your modern digital marketing strategy.

Custom Audio Projects

Site-specific compositions, multi-media campaigns, live music, and more. We’ll help you design the perfect project.



“The difference in overall sales when playing music that matched the brand compared with playing randomly selected popular songs.”


Soundtrack your Brand / HUI


Why us?

We took the concept of “background music” and rebuilt it from the ground up. None of the generic elevator music, long-term contracts, or hardware you don’t need.

Just really good music.

World-class artists curating music for your brand? Check.
Always fresh, updated tunes? So fresh.
Commercial licenses covered? All set.
Five-star service? Absolutely.


Be a creative hub.

We help you develop collaborative relationships with artists from your community and from around the world, leading to unique, rich experiences your guests will love.



Our clients include independent eco-luxury boutique hotels, surf hostels, co-working spaces, restaurants, and more. The one thing they have in common? A drive to create an exceptional, authentic, and unique guest experience.

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