Bespoke Sound

Your guest experience is unique.
Your music should be, too.

We help businesses of all kinds express themselves with unique soundtracks and experiences custom-designed by world-class DJs, musicians, and artists. Click below to find out what we can do for you and your business.



“The difference in overall sales when playing music that matched the brand compared with playing randomly selected popular songs.”


Soundtrack your Brand / HUI


What we do

Bespoke Sound is a holistic audio service for lifestyle brands offering a new level of tailored and adaptable audio solutions including one-of-a-kind music curation, composition, supervision, and design, working with world-class artists, DJs, and tastemakers.



Custom-curated dynamic playlists for your public spaces, designed by a world-class artist, DJ, or tastemaker.

Hotel Radio

Music strategy for modern digital marketing to reach guests pre and post stay.

Audio Strategy

A deeper understanding of how to leverage sound for your brand.

Custom Audio Projects

Site-specific compositions, multi-media campaigns, live music, and more. We’ll help you design the perfect project.


What clients say

“The music Bespoke Sound designed for us is a big part of our guest experience and a pillar of the brand. It’s a real differentiator in our market.”

Andres Fernanadez | Managing Director, Harmony Projects, Costa Rica


What makes Bespoke Sound different?

We take the best parts of current brand audio solutions without any of the baggage and offer it to hotels wrapped up in a nice, modern, agile package. World-class artists curating music for your brand? Check. Library of 40 million tracks? Got it. High-touch service? On lock.


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