What we do


Bespoke Sound is a unique curatorial service for discerning hospitality businesses.


At Bespoke Sound, we provide music & sound design for boutique and 4 & 5 star hotels and hotel groups. These services are all built around your Brand Audio Profile. Think of it as your brand’s sonic soul, built in close collaboration with you, based on tons of research and more than a little good taste.

Our cornerstone offering is our custom-designed playlists, or soundtracks. Each playlist is a dynamic set of location and time-specific songs for your hotels’ public (or private) spaces, made by an artist specifically selected for your brand to create a 100% unique set of music for you and your guests. We compliment the immediate impact of music on your guest experience by offering music strategy for modern digital marketing campaigns for extended reach and impact pre and post-stay. That’s rounded out by a suite of other offerings, from site-specific compositions also created by hand-selected artists to music supervision and audio-technical guidance. And, of course, the licensing is always included in every project.

Never has music for businesses been so high-touch, yet so easy.



Custom-curated dynamic playlists for your public spaces, designed by a world-class artist, DJ, or tastemaker.


We work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business and style. Then we match you with the perfect artist, DJ, or tastemaker to create unique, always fresh playlists, custom tailored to match your brand.


Brand Playlists

Public brand playlists designed to engage your fans before, during, and after their visit.


Your guests’ experience with your brand doesn’t begin and end with their stay. We’ll help you leverage music for dynamic, modern digital marketing campaigns to foster stronger relationships with your guests, fans, and new audiences, before, during, and after their stay.


Audio Strategy

Integrate audio as a dynamic part of your modern digital marketing strategy.


We work with you to understand how sound fits into your brand DNA. Using detailed conversations with you, extensive research on how the brand fits in the local and creative communities, and a pinch of magic, we provide you with a detailed sonic identity for your brand, along with suggestions for how to make the most of it.


Custom Audio Projects

Site-specific compositions, multi-media campaigns, live music, and more. We’ll help you design the perfect project.


We’re not called Bespoke Sound for nothing. We regularly go above and beyond the solutions above to create the perfect, one-of-a-kind audio strategy. From site-specific sound compositions to event production to cultural development projects, we’re here to help you realize your brand’s musical ambitions.


Music Supervision

The soundtrack to your brand’s messaging.


Have a commercial or film project that needs a unique touch? We’ll use our same talent and network that pairs the perfect songs with a brand to, well, pair the perfect songs with your video.


Audio Technical Guidance

We’ll help you sound good.


So you have a killer set of music, but the bluetooth speaker isn't cutting it? We'll help you select the right sound system to match your design and budgetary goals and make your tunes sound great.


They’re playing your song. Drop us a line.